The plugins keep on coming

Since the release of 0.9.5 (stable), this blog has been a bit quiet — the devs are away! But the community has been as active as ever.

Here, for example, are four recent user-contributed plugins. They are in differing states of development, but worth checking out if they suit your needs:

  • Page part forms – gives designers and developers the power of “custom fields” for pages in Frog’s backend;
  • Themr – provides a single-click theme switching facility;
  • Leapfrog – is an events-management plugin (which is not yet in general release); and
  • WYMeditor – adds the well-known WYSIWYM text filter for authoring in the backend.

All of these plugins, and many more, can be discussed in the Frog Plugins forum. Many thanks to these plugin developers, as well as others who have done so much to enhance Frog and enrich the user community!

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