FrogCMS is now on GitHub


Just a little post to let you know that FrogCMS Source Code is now on at: philippe/FrogCMS.

I've planed to update the current version 0.9.5 with the last version I currently use for my client witch is a multilingual version of 0.9.4. File structure has all been reorganized to fit under one folder "frog". I will keep you up to date with all that. For people that can't wait to have a official release they will be able to try the one on git.

Hope you like your experience with Frog.

Note: need a redesign of the backend to fit a vertical menu on the left instead of the top menu currently used. (not enough place with many plugins)

Frog CMS Demo

Public front end website click here
Administration backend click here admin login info:
login: admin
password: demo123

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