The latest stable release of Frog CMS (version 0.9.5) is available in two formats.

Stable version: zip, tar.gz

(or download from Google Code)

Note: Pre-0.9.5 non-core plugins will need a small adjustment in their code. This concerns the path of any views that are called from within the plugin.

The most recent code is always available from the Google Code repository, or follow the directions for code check-out using the “From Subversion” link (to the left).

Those unfamiliar with SVN might find it convenient to download this recent snapshot. [v. 0.9.5; updated: 2009.02.23; r367. Note: this version is known not to work with some current plugins! Use at your own risk!]

Frog CMS Demo

Public front end website click here
Administration backend click here admin login info:
login: admin
password: demo123

Help us!

If you use and like Frog CMS, then please consider making a donation.

Click here to lend your support to: Frog CMS and make a donation at !
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